About us

Adil Electronics was established 20 years ago, then after recognizing the merger of Electronic Surveillance and Information Technology,
diversified into CCTV/Security Distribution.

At Adil Electronics we value our customers:

We believe Quality, Affordability & Reliability is a key. Sales go up and down but service remains the same.
We are proud to say we have outstanding technical support and product knowledge! We work extremely close with our clients,
effectively acting as an extension of their company and filling whichever roles are required from sourcing bespoke products, holding
and managing our clients on stock and even providing a range of products branded specifically for them.

What our customers say

Grab the Best Gear at The Best Price, Adil makes the whole experience quick and simple & sets everything up for you. Making sure Your Happy with your system.
This is my second visit to his shop. Thank you Adil


I Always use Adil Electronics for all my security jobs. All is pre configured by them for a smooth install. Really worth what you pay for.


Great service, thankyou for the help you provided


Great help and very informative. Highly recommended.

CCTV Installer

Great customer service, can only highly recommend!


Brilliant Service! Excellent Product quality. Top CCTV Distributor. Can only highly recommend.


Excellent Support provided by Adil Electronics. All installations have been completed with being at ease with there guidance. Definitely Value for money..  No. 1 supplier for CCTV Equipment!

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